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What we are best at - expert employee engagement and worksite wellness services

Telehealth Provider

In the last 24-month processing building our brand, we have forged partnerships with major health and wellness companies developing into an award-winning intermediary partnering firm. Due to COVID-19 Medical Event First Approach EA/ is now a virtual employee assistance provider.

Financial Management

Contact us for referrals to companies, banks, credit unions. Who are proactive to veterans' needs. These sources offer free membership, financial advice. Certified financial support. Consultation with our financial partner.

Seeking to start a business get the real facts and support from our Business Start-Up Team.

American Institute For Preventive Medicine

Our educational Cost-effective preventive wellness products partner.

Wellness Support Advocacy

The first worksite wellness firm that dares to conduct FYI case management and coaching for non-VA emergency care. You can schedule an appointment at a date and time most convenient for you. Let us work with you on addressing non-payment for Non-VA Emergency Care.

Find Quick Healthcare Access

As a former Department of Veterans Affairs career employee, EAP Manager for AFGE local. Our leader has created a team to provide special coaching services to eligible veterans. Employer base employed veterans can have access to after-work medical and emotional healthcare.

Cost-Efficient Telehealth

Employees are capable of addressing minor health issues 24 hours a day and offered the nearest pharmacy for medications at the lowest prices. By partnering with our telehealth provider. Together we are able to bring the cost of medication needs down. Contact us to learn more about applicable fee reductions.

Employee Incentives

To motivate your employees, our worksite wellness approach focused on outcome evaluation and rewards employee productivity based on good attendance. Workers also receive life skill awards for harm reduction in the workplace. We work closely with human resource managers in this aspect. No gyms, unless the consumer feels they want a membership. Our focus is on employees being at work being productive. Prevention is our mission. FAEAWW will build a Worksite Wellness approach for your company. Providing up to date wellness FYI using Wellness Merchandising.

Our Partners

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National Associations & Centers

National Center For Crisis Management
National Association of Case Management (Forensic)
National Wellness Institute (member)

Academies & Agencies

American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress (Fellow)
FAVOR Discount Program-Veteran Agency
New York City Veterans Alliance (member)

Business Associations

Business Sector Codes, NAICS 624190, 621399
D&B Registered
SIC 83220000
BBB Accredited A+ Rating
Not a 501 c (19) Business
Social Enterprise

White House Hotline

Veterans Experience Office 855-948-2311

AARP Fraud Watch Network

Helpline 1877-908-3360

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